Work Experience

We believe that a week of work experience is a very valuable part of each student’s Key Stage 5 curriculum. We therefore include it as a compulsory part of our career’s education programme. This year it is within the college calendar for Year 12 during the week commencing Monday 4th July 2022.


We believe that undertaking work experience during their sixth forms studies puts students in a better place to begin preparation for progression onto University or higher/degree level apprenticeships, whilst providing them with an insight into a career sector of interest.



·         Provides students with an insight into different sectors and careers.

·         Allows students to ‘try out’ an area of potential interest.

·         Give students the opportunity to use and apply their skills and knowledge in a professional environment.

·         Builds confidence and self-esteem by showing them what they can achieve outside college.

·         Many employers are happy to offer a reference, which students can use applying for jobs, either while they are still at college or later on.


How it works

·         Work experience takes place every day and during normal office hours (not college hours, unless stipulated by the employer)

·         We do not cover transport cost to and from work placement so please check first how you will commute to work.

·         Students will arrange their own placement which will then be checked by our partners Form the Future. The deadline for informing us of placement details is Monday 28th February 2020.

·         We encourage all students to arrange their own placement if possible because it allows them to work in a field that they may be interested in entering after they leave college. 100% of students found their own placement in 2018-19.

Student feedback


·         ‘It was very intellectually challenging’

·         ‘I have overcome the barrier of my previous inability to talk to a large group of people’ 

·         ‘Before taking part in work experience, I was not very confident with working with new people and working in a new working environment, but after doing work experience I would be more confident with this in the future’

·         ‘Helped me gain confidence, skills and knowledge’

·         ‘Helped me to decide on the University course I want to do’

·         ‘Learning c++ programming language and developing my programming techniques’

·         ‘Communication skills have definitely improved, thanks to working as part of a team’

·         ‘Communicating with a range of people of varying importance in the company (associate to partner)’

·         ‘Seeing diversity in the workplace’

·         ‘Confirmed that this is what I want my future career to be’

·         ‘Obtained more confidence when working around those in a professional environment’




In the past, we have found that the most effective placements are those which are arranged by students themselves. This could be through parents, friends or relatives or by contacting companies of interest directly. Although it may seem early to be making arrangements, we hope all students will begin the process early in the academic year.

We have been very fortunate to have a large number of local and national employers agree to host one of our students on a work placement in previous years. We would like to thank these employers for their continued support. A list of these employers can be found in the document below, alongside a ‘find your work experience placement’ student workbook.

Finding a work experience placement - student workbook

Employers who have hosted students for work experience in previous years

Work experience placement form

Letter to employers

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