Kimberley College Dress Code

The Trust’s dress code for Kimberley College is ‘Smart/Casual’. We ask the students to consider if what they are wearing is appropriate for a 'professional' environment. Should the Trust decide that a student is not adhering to this code, they have the right to ask the student to address this moving forward.

Not appropriate

- Beach wear

- Immodest wear

- Caps/ hats on indoors

- Hoods up indoors

- Items that could cause offence to others

Additional information:

- Sports and Dance students and students using the gym should bring clothes to change into for lessons.

- There will be some specific safety/protective clothing requirements in some subjects e.g. Engineering. Please refer to subject teachers for advice.

- The College leadership team have the final decision regarding what is and what is not suitable attire for College students. The College reserves the right to send home any student who is not properly dressed. The student will then be expected to change and return to College as soon as possible to resume his/her studies.

- Persistent disregard for the dress code will result in further disciplinary action being taken.

- We retain the right to act as the final authority in the interpretation of the dress code. If unsure, parents/carers and students are advised to contact a member of the College leadership team for clarification before purchasing items.

- Students may wish to make an application to the discretionary element of the 16-19 Bursary Fund.