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Quality Award

Wootton Academy Trust is committed to working towards meeting the Quality in Careers Standard incorporating the Gatsby Benchmarks. This Quality in Careers Standard award is a kite mark for quality in Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) and is recognised nationally across the country.  It is awarded to schools and colleges who have demonstrated a commitment to provide impartial, independent CEIAG to young people, to improve students’ awareness of opportunities, to raise their aspirations and to work with them to ensure they achieve their full potential.

The award is completed in stages as follows:

Stage 1 - Commitment Certificate - Achieved December 2018

Stage 2 - Intermediate Certificate - Achieved January 2020

Stage 3 - Full Award - Achieved January 2020

In her report the assessor said:

'This has been achieved in only 2 years and is a remarkable achievement.

The Head of Careers passion for CEIAG alongside staff with specialist support roles have ensured that all students receive excellent careers and pastoral care as well encouraging students to undertake challenges that take them beyond their comfort zones and build resilience. 

All the students I discussed careers with, felt they had opportunities to learn and to experiment with ideas and develop their own futures with the full support of all staff and tutors. They all felt that they were challenged when necessary to think for themselves but be safe and supported to try out their ideas.

The Head of Careers has created a strong ethos that is backed fully by the Executive Principle Michael Gleeson ensuring an effective careers department that works to create a quality careers strategy and programme, providing excellent CEIAG for all students at Wootton Upper School and Kimberley College.’

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