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Kimberley College is served by local public and school buses from surrounding villages, and the Bedford-Bletchley rail service. There are also facilities for students that wish to use their own transport. Details of all are outlined below.

Public and school bus services:

With the exception of certain circumstances, most sixth form students are not entitled to free home to College transport; however they may apply to their local Council for a concessionary travel pass to use the school bus transport from most villages.

Further details, including school transport policies and how to apply are available on the following links:

Rail Services:

Students living near stations along the route of the Bedford Bletchley train line are able to gain easy access to and from Kimberley College by alighting at Stewartby station.

Students using their own transport:

Cycle shelters are available at both Colleges. Parking is available for those students wishing to use mopeds, motorcycles and cars; however all students must display a valid parking permit, which can be obtained from the Student Support staff.

Students travelling between Kimberley College & Wootton Upper School

A school shuttle bus service runs regularly between Wootton Upper and Kimberley College. If students need to use this service to get to college in the morning and get home in the afternoon, then there will be a charge, this can be paid through WisePay. If students only need to use the shuttle bus to get to and from lessons they have at Wootton, then there will be no charge.

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