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Our Local Governing Board


Kimberley College is part of the Wootton Academy Trust (WAT), and has a local governing board (LGB), established in September 2017, to ensure a clear focus for the college.  

The LGB consists of:

  • four WAT board trustees

  • up to four elected parent governors     

  • one elected teaching staff governor     

  • one elected support staff governor (currently vacant) 

  • up to 14 stakeholders and interested parties co-opted by the WAT board    

  • the college principal (ex officio).    

All governors serve a four-year term of office. You can find out more about the members of the Kimberley governing board here


​The Kimberley LGB meets twice a term. Its main roles are to:

  • champion WAT’s vision and values in the college

  • ensure systems are in place for effective stakeholder communication, including with learners, parents/carers, employees and the wider community

  • hold the college to account for standards, progress and student outcomes overall and within specific groups of learners including disadvantaged and SEND students

  • ensure WAT processes are in place within the college for monitoring the quality of teaching and learning, interventions, and the curriculum

  • monitor adherence to the WAT Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

  • understand and monitor the progress and attainment of learners, and the impact of key priorities in the Trust’s Improvement Plan

  • understand and monitor standards of behaviour within the Academy, reviewing data on exclusions, racist incidents, bullying, attendance, etc.


This monitoring and evaluation process involves LGB members making visits to the college on agreed topics, reporting back to the LGB in writing.


Parent governors are elected by the parents of students at the college. Vacancies are advertised on the college website and newsletters, and on social media where appropriate.  


The LGB chair is appointed by the WAT Board. The current Kimberley LGB chair is Michael Ridley, and the vice-chair is Bob Bunting.  


If you are interested in joining the LGB or have a skill which you believe is useful to the LGB or WAT board please contact the College Principal in the first instance. And you can contact the chair or vice-chair of the LGB via the college.

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