Leave of Absence


Please fill out this form and submit it before your proposed absence.

Authorised absences – if the college is notified in advance these include…

  • A hospital appointment

  • An orthodontist appointment

  • Visit to university to attend an open day/interview;

  • A career related interview or audition

  • Attendance at court or an appointment with a legal adviser

  • Practical driving test

  • Weddings/Graduation/Funeral of an immediate relative

  • Extra-curricular representation (e.g. Sport or Drama)

  • Work Experience which is part of the College curriculum


For all the above an appropriate appointment card or doctors note should be presented to the Attendance Administrator.


Note: Routine medical appointments (e.g. doctor, optician, physiotherapist and dental appointments) should be made outside timetabled sessions and are not considered as authorised absences.


Examples of unacceptable reasons for absence which will be recorded as unauthorised:

  • Holidays in term time.

  • Part or full­time work that is not part of the student’s programme of study

  • Birthdays or similar celebrations

  • Babysitting younger siblings

  • Driving lessons

  • Driving Theory Test


Whatever the reason for absence, it is the student’s responsibility to complete work missed as quickly as possible. Staff will support individuals following a period of absence to help students to get back on track. However, if students do not take active steps to catch up on missed work, they may face disciplinary action in line with the Student Disciplinary Procedures policy.

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